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Stop bad smells, allergies, bacteria and viruses

Our car sanitization service will sanitise and deodorise both the interior and whole air-conditioning system of your car.

  • It removes smells such as smoking and pet smells and doesn't just cover them up.
  • It removes bacteria, viruses, fungi, pollen, mould and dust mites.
  • The treatment saturates the dash and whole air-conditioning duct system where moulds, bacteria and pollen settle and are the main causes of allergic reactions.
  • It doesn't harm the interior of your car and wont stain car leather or fabric.
  • And it's safe. No chemical products are used nor toxic or unpleasant residuals produced.

Don't just think about your cars health, think about yours as well.

The treatment costs only £20 as part of your service or £35 alone.
Book an appointment now at your nearest John Mulholland service centre.

John Mulholland Randalstown Tel. 028 9447 3903
John Mulholland Campsie Tel. 028 7181 1199