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Powering their future: John Mulholland Motors take their staff to the next level

Powering their future: John Mulholland Motors take their staff to the next level

Driving a modern car these days has never been easier thanks to the array of technology now at our fingertips. Self parking, variable cruise control, reversing cameras, auto headlights, auto wipers, the list goes on. As these features become the norm and we look forward to the next wave of gadgetry have you ever wondered about the folks who maintain your car? I bet you've never thought "gosh, my poor old mechanic is going to have a nightmare fixing any of this stuff". 

The truth of the matter is that our technicians are always learning how our new models and their features work and are on a continual cycle of training to ensure they have the knowhow to keep our customers happy and their cars in good order.

At John Mulholland Motors we see staff development and career progression as a fundamental part of any role and have a proven track record of providing our staff with the very latest manufacturer training. Over the past 2 years we have progressed the careers of our servicing staff including 3 to Skoda Master Technician, 2 to Hyundai Master Technician, 1 to Ford Master Technician plus accolades including Skoda Apprentice of the year runner up. We also boast an array of support staff qualifications including Master level service advisors and warranty specialists.

This commitment to training and encouraging  our staff to attain the very highest of automotive qualifications not only benefits their careers but ultimately ensures we are providing our customers with the best possible expertise and service. But it doesn't stop there...

Over the next 5 to 10 years we are going to see a huge shift in the automotive industry as HEV (hybrid and electric vehicles) start to make significant  inroads into the market. There are still challenges to overcome such as charging infrastructure, battery range and cost but make no mistake, this technology will become mainstream as all manufacturers, governments and local councils push for a greener, healthier society.

With an estimated 40% of all new cars sold in Europe being electric within the next 10 years it's clear that any automotive technician wanting to continue their career will need to diversify their skill set and quickly as the technology continues to gain momentum.


Of the 3 brands at John Mulholland Motors, Hyundai in particular are breaking new ground with the IONIQ range of hybrid, plug in hybrid and full electric models. With the Hybrid having been in production for almost a year and the plug in hybrid new to the market this Autumn our Hyundai technicians are already getting to grips with the new technology by attaining the IMI level 3 for electrically propelled vehicles qualification.

In addition to Hyundai, both Skoda and Ford have plans for new HEV models over the next 2 years with the electric Focus and plug in hybrid Superb eagerly anticipated.

If you are an automotive technician or 3rd year apprentice we have positions available at our Skoda and Hyundai dealership in Campsie, Derry~Londonderry. If you want to further your career and become part of an award winning family run business then we'd like to hear from you. 

To apply or for more information please visit our careers page.

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